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Accumulating for Retirement?  Here are things to consider:



Time diversification helps to get all of your money working for you. 

Taking cash out of low interest accounts to get it working for you but still not taking too much risk. 

Spreading the funds in way of time allows for more potential gains while still keeping a lot of funds safe.  

By putting more of your money to work, you’ll have more money in your pocket over the long run.

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Investment diversification helps you understand what kind of assets you should be considering as a whole.

That way when one goes down, others can help bring the portfolio up.

We never know which one is going up, so we try to  have some of everything.

To help determine what kind of investment diversification you need, we collect your risk tolerance and the assets you have available to invest.

The less you lose in downturns is the more money is in your pocket in the long run.

Diversification cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns


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Tax diversification helps you determine where to accumulate assets for the best tax outcome. 

To help determine what kind of tax diversification you need, we collect your investable assets, tax brackets, and time that you have available to invest. 

The less taxes you pay the more money in your pocket. 

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Financial Planning is Key!

Here Bridgerland financial we take the time to write comprehensive financial plans that take it to affect all three types of diversification to help keep more money in your pocket.  

We are a fee-based financial planning firm. Therefore, we do not work solely on commission.  We charge a flat fee for all the services that we provide in our menu of services. 

That way you can feel comfortable with the recommendations that we make are in your best interest not the best interest of Bridgeland Financial. 

Please note that neither Cetera Advisors LLC nor any of its agents or representatives give legal or tax advice. For complete details, consult with your tax advisor or attorney.

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