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Welcome Federal Employees

Here at Bridgerland Financial, one of our specialties is helping federal employees understand their benefits and help them bridge the gap between their federal service and retirement.

Below you will find three resources that we provide at no charge to help you with your federal retirement journey:

FERS Minutes

30 short, one minute videos on all things FERS retirement (including special category employees or SCE).  These videos help answer these common questions:

What is considered in my high-3?

Is buying back military time worth it?

What is and how do I get the FERS supplement?

Should I take survivorship benefits?

When can I withdraw from my TSP?

...and much more.

We provide these videos to you for no cost.

Watch FERS Minutes Videos

FERS Analysis

With a personalized FERS analysis, you can get an estimate on:

What your FERS benefits will be

What your supplement benefits will be

How they compare if you wait to retire for a couple of years

How your net pay now compares with your net pay in retirement

Estimated premiums for your health benefits in retirement

We provide this at no cost to you.

Click below to see more details on the FERS analysis and even download a sample.

Learn more

Retirement Paperwork

As a service to federal employees we also offer to help fill out your retirement paperwork when the time comes.

Although some like filling out government forms, those who do not or just want someone to look over it for them, we can help.

We, again, offer this as a service at no cost.

Click below to set up a time to meet in person or over a video conference call to get started.

Get Help with Paperwork


Meet with Us (In person or Remotely)

By meeting with us in person or over video conferencing we can answer questions that are important to you.

We can answer all the questions mentioned above and more.

As with the other options above, we will provide this to you at no cost.

Click below to schedule a no obligation consultation with our office.

If you have a specific question about your benefits, please fill in the box below.  

We would be honored to help.

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Bridgerland Financial and Cetera Advisors are not affiliated with the US government or any government agency.