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FERS vs CSRS    The FERS Pyramid      The High 3      SCE Primary to Secondary      Different FERS Deductions      Military Time Pt 1

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Military Time Pt 2     Retirement Annuity Supplement (RAS) Pt 1, 2 & 3     Retirement Eligibility     Survivorship Benefits     Unused Sick Leave     COLA  

Death Benefit Retirement       Government Re-Employment       Disability Retirement Pt 1

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Disability Retirement Pt 2       Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)       TSP Withdraw Options       TSP Loans       TSP Withdraw Options in Retirement  

TSP Considerations   Divorce & FERS   When to Retire   Retirement Timeline   FEHBP

FERS Minutes

Episode 1:  FERS vs CSRS

CSRS was the old retirement system retired in 1984. CSRS is pension only while FERS is the pension, SS, and the TSP match.

Episode 2:  The FERS Pyramid

In the last video I alluded to this concept of the FERS pyramid. It is so named because each part has a different role to play in retirement.

Episode 3:  The High 3

The high-3 is very important to the calculation of your FERS pension. It is the basis to determine what you receive in retirement.

Episode 4:  SCE Primary to Secondary Positions

If you are and SCE employee and you move from a primary position to a secondary one, how does that affect your SCE benefits?

Episode 5:  Different FERS Deductions

I have some information for you: you do actually pay for your FERS annuity or pension.

Episode 6: Military Time Pt 1

If you served in the military you have the option to purchase back honorable service time.

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