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Within 10 Years of Retirement?  Here are things to consider:


Time diversification helps to get all the money working for you.  

Here we need to make sure we are not withdrawing from funds while the market is down. For if we do we lock our losses and also compound them. Therefore, we need to have money in several different buckets to make sure that we can keep our risk tolerance at a level that allows us to retire comfortably.

But that also allows us to withdraw to keep up with our retirement lifestyle. While also accounting for inflation.  To help determine your time diversification we need to determine what kind of investable assets you have available and time available.  

By withdrawing from the correct place at the correct time you may be able to have more money in your pocket throughout retirement.


Tax diversification tells you where to accumulate assets for the best tax outcome.  To help determine what kind of tax diversification you need, we collect your investable assets, tax brackets, and time that you have available to invest.  The less taxes you pay the more money in your pocket. 


Investment diversification tells you what kind of assets you should be in. That way when one goes down, others can help bring the portfolio up. We never know which one is going up so we have some of everything that we possibly can, depending on asset amount.  To help determine what kind of investment diversification you need, we need to collect your risk tolerance and the assets you have available to invest. The less you lose in downturns is the more money in your pocket.

Financial Planning is Key!

Here at Bridgerland financial we take the time to write comprehensive financial plans that take it to affect all three types of diversification to help keep more money in your pocket.  

We are a fee-based financial planning firm. Therefore, we do not work solely on commission we charge a flat fee for all the services that you see that we can help you with in this menu of services. 

That way you can feel comfortable with the recommendations that we make are in your best interest not the best interest of Bridgerland Financial. 

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