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David A Packer, CRPC®

David A Packer, CRPC®

Financial Advisor

I have been described many times as a numbers geek.  That would be one reason why my whole adult career has been spent in the financial industry.  I started that career at a local bank in Salt Lake County in 2000.  I enjoyed what I did and worked up the ranks, because of my commitment to the customers and the gift I have of understanding what the numbers said.

I have always enjoyed numbers and the story they tell.  When someone comes to me with their numbers, and what they think they mean, I love the opportunity to help them see them in a different light.  Especially when their story is better than they think it is! By making an adjustment to this or that, we can have a significant impact on their financial future.

I took my love of numbers to Ameriprise Financial and then Chase Investments.  Both of those companies had policies that I disagreed with, around how and when I am able to help customers.  I decided that if I am to truly help my customers in the way I think is best for them, I needed to start an independent practice.  I did, and I have never looked back.  It has been an absolute thrill to welcome clients as part of a family instead of just another large corporation.

My commitment has always been to financial planning.  I have a belief that investing before you have a plan is like putting a cart before the horse.  To show my commitment to retirement planning, I received my Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM designation in February of 2018.

When I am not working for my clients, I love to go out and enjoy hiking and paddle boarding with my wife of 16 years and our four kids.  I spend some of my off time officiating high school sports.  In my downtime I also love to play board and card games.  Refereeing, games, and numbers… I told you I was a bit of a geek.

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