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What to Expect

Step One:  The Consultation

Step One:  The Consultation

We will spend the first meeting listening to you and your concerns.  We will answer every question you may have about retirement.  Please feel free to bring as many of your question as you would like.  This is your meeting.

Through our conversation we will try to determine:

  1. If it is a good fit for us to work together.
  2. What package of services (shown below) would be appropriate for your situation.

To make our first conversation as valuable as possible, we suggest you bring any documents you feel are relevant to our conversation.  A suggested list can be found here.  

Then we will move onto step two.

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Step Two:  Choosing your Package

Brokerage Only Option

For the Family Who:

Doesn't need a comprehensive financial plan

Isn't being serviced well by their current advisor

Does not have a current advisor

Does not know what investments they have or why they have them

Is looking for options for savings outside of traditional bank account options.

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Personal Planning Package

For the Family Who:

Likes everything is the brokerage only option.

Would like a comprehensive plan to help give them a roadmap to retirement and/or other goals.

Likes to know how health care will effect retirement plans

Needs to know when the best time is to take social security.

Would like to make sure all dollars are working together to complete their goals.

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Business Planning Package

For the Business Owner Who:

Needs a personal plan to connect with the business.

Looking for options for:


Employee Retention

Reducing Tax Liability

Reducing employee benefit costs

Protection from Creditors

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