Within 10 Years of retirement? Here are things to consider:



Pre-Retirees And Retirees 

Transition Within The Ten Years | Bridgerland Financial UT

Pre-Retiree is typically between the ages of 55-65, nearing the end of their accumulation phase, and interested in laying the groundwork for a coordinated retirement income plan. Attempting to put away as much money as possible while insulating their nest egg from an ill-timed market pullback are top priorities. 

Retiree is typically aged 60+, migrating into the principal preservation and income generation phases, and seeking the peace of mind a coordinated and dynamic retirement income plan can provide. Developing a Social Security optimization strategy, coordinating required minimum distributions, and ensuring estate planning is in order are all important to a retiree.

Both pre-retirees and retirees seek to insulate their assets from the costs associated with potential long term care needs.


Financial Planning Areas

  • Federal Retirement Analysis
  • Personalized Retirement Income Strategy
  • Capital Gains Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Social Security Claiming Strategy Analysis
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Coordination
  • Qualified Plan Asset Allocation Review & Recommendations
  • Insurance Analysis (life, disability, long term care, etc.)
  • Downsizing and/or Second Home Purchase Consultation
  • Stock Option/RSU Analysis
  • Medicare/Medicaid Supplement Evaluation
  • Estate & Legacy Planning & Coordination


Resources & Tools

  • AdviceWorks™ Client Portal
  • AssetMap® Visual Balance Sheet
  • Riskalyze® Advanced Investment Risk Alignment Report
  • Morningstar® Portfolio Analytics
  • Consolidated Multi-Period Investment Performance Reports
  • Weekly & Quarterly Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Educational Workshop Invitations


Financial Planning is Key!

Here at Bridgerland financial we take the time to write comprehensive financial plans that take it to affect all three types of diversification to help keep more money in your pocket.  

We are a fee-based financial planning firm. Therefore, we do not work solely on commission we charge a flat fee for all the services that you see that we can help you with in this menu of services. 

That way you can feel comfortable with the recommendations that we make are in your best interest not the best interest of Bridgerland Financial. 

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